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The DAISY lamp™ Almond (green) 15cm x 20cm

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The Daisy lamp with its beautiful floral surface is a natural, timeless light decoration. The... more
Product information "The DAISY lamp™ Almond (green) 15cm x 20cm"

The Daisy lamp with its beautiful floral surface is a natural, timeless light decoration. The color, which is based on young almonds, has a fresh and invigorating effect and is a great decoration both with the light switched on and without it.

Made from unbreakable vinyl, which gives the light object a warm, soft feel. It is washable and waterproof.

The lamp body of the DAISY lamp comes from a special manufacturer in Spain. The vinyl is fully colored and therefore completely colourfast. 

The absolutely reliable LED lighting unit supplies white light and 160,000 colour nuances.

The high-quality lithium battery in the waterproof, replaceable light module is charged with an induction charging station. The light can be controlled by pressing a button directly on the light module and with the infrared remote control which is also included.

Lighting options:

White light, 6 fixed colors and a smooth color change mode with 160,000 colors. The color change mode can be stopped at any point. This function enables the DAISY lights to be illuminated in countless color nuances.

The remote control can also be used to set a candlelight mode and regulate the brightness in 3 levels.

The lighting duration per battery charge is approx. 7 hours.

The lithium battery takes 6 hours to charge.

With the infrared remote control, it is possible to control the light from a distance of up to 5 meters.

Included in the delivery: 1x DAISY lamp, induction charging station incl. cable with USB port and an infrared remote control.

Designed by Mark and Eva Newton Goodnight light, Barcelona

>>Made in Spain<<

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